Nobody said launching a brand would be easy.
Until now.

Dopesite is all about making it easier for anyone to launch a brand. Whether it’s big, small, or something in-between, our products take care of the difficult stuff so you can focus on what’s important—your vision.

About Us

Every brand starts somewhere.

Dopesite Co. was founded in 2020 as the easiest way to launch a brand. It’s a set of incredibly simple tools all in one platform designed to take care of the difficult aspects of starting a brand.

2020 changed everything, but then again, so did we.


Head office, sales, and marketing.


Brand management and customer support.


Brand management and customer support.

Global Network

We have data centres in Toronto, New York City, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Sydney. And fulfillment centres in Toronto, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Tijuana, Barcelona, Riga, Amakusa, Brisbane and Victoria.

Our founder discusses how he used his experience building a successful clothing brand to make it easy for anybody to launch their own brand using Dopesite.

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It's like having your own IT department alongside cloud hosting and enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Better together.

What do I get?

Everything you need to successfully launch your brand.


A beautiful website and online store that we help you build. With analytics, SEO, optimization, marketing, commerce tools, and more, built right in.


Access to over 300 high-quality products from leading brands. The ability to easily customize those products, everything from print location, embroidery, and even inside labels. You get to set your pricing, make mockups, and push products to your online store with a single click, while our API handles the rest.


When your customers make a purchase, we process their order at one of our nine fulfillment centres, and ship it to them in your custom packaging.

Who is this for?

Any visual artist whose ever dreamt of selling their artwork and getting it out into the world.


Any musician who wants to support their careers and build their fanbase by selling merchandise.


Any content creator who is ready to capitalize on their existing brand and reach.


Any designer wishing to create a full fledged fashion and apparel brand.


Basically, anybody with vision, who wants to create vibes, connecting culture and commerce with ease.

How long does it take?

A realistic timeline would be one month from signup to first sale. That being said, It mostly depends on your readiness to launch a brand.


We’ve provided resources for helping you work through, as well as, understand some of those initial steps on our blog.


Your brand manager will help you along the way, but the more you know your own brand, the more easily they can help you launch it.

What if I'm not a designer?

It’s possible you’re not a designer, but still want to launch your brand. 


When you sign up on our platform, we also give you membership to Artful Record®, our invite only talent incubator, content hub and private social media platform for individuals up next in global youth culture and young tastemakers and trendsetters in creative industries.


As a member, you’ll gain access to a growing community of some of the world’s best creatives. Maybe you need help designing your logo? Or a photographer to shoot your products? Or a cinematographer to film your lookbook? The possibilities are endless.


We’ve even made it possible to post jobs to the entire community.

How much does it cost?

We have upfront costs to use our platform, in addition to recurring monthly fees, because what we’re doing here is quite complicated, and also, completely novel.


This kind of service has never been offered before and you can’t find it elsewhere. Go ahead, have a search, we’ll wait.


We’re looking for people that are actually serious about building their brand. Serious people already know, launching a brand, in any kind of successful manner, will cost tens of thousands of dollars.


You can start with our platform for as little as $250 CAD and $72 per month recurring. We also offer financing, no questions asked.