Last updated: November 1, 2020

Welcome to our Dopesite + Getty Images (US), Inc. (“Getty”) image terms of service (“Image Terms”).

These Image Terms, along with our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, cover your licensing of any Getty images via the Services (“Licensed Images”). Any capitalized terms not defined in these Image Terms have the meanings set forth in our Terms of Service

Where and how can I use Licensed Images?

You are allowed to use Licensed Images on the site for which you license them (that is, a single Dopesite URL and the collection of domains pointing to it). However, purchasing a Licensed Image under these Image Terms does not convey any ownership rights in the underlying Licensed Images, and your usage rights are limited to only what is described here. If you would like to purchase additional licensing rights for Licensed Images (like offline or advertising use), you can purchase such rights directly from Getty via a link provided in the Services.

Where and how can I use watermarked (i.e., not licensed) images?

Watermarked images are provided for private use only, so you can get a feel for how an image would look on one of your pages. You cannot otherwise use any watermarked images. Notably, that means you cannot display them on public sites, or otherwise share them with others.

For how long can I use Licensed Images?

You can use Licensed Images for the lifecycle of the site for which you license them. So, if you maintain your site for 10 years, you can use the Licensed Images on your site for 10 years.

Can I use the same Licensed Image more than once on the same site?

Yes. You can use the same Licensed Image multiple times on the same site.

Can I use the same Licensed Image on different sites?

No. Licensed Images are site-specific, so you would need to purchase a new license for each site on which you want to use it. For example, if you wanted to use the Licensed Image on three different Dopesite sites, you would need to purchase three licenses (one license through each site).

What is your refund policy for Licensed Images?

We do not provide any refunds on any purchases of Licensed Images.

If I leave Dopesite and export my contents, can I take Licensed Images with me?

Yes. Even if you stop using the Services, you can take Licensed Images with you and you’re free to use them on another site hosted elsewhere, provided that you’re only using the Licensed Images on a single site.

Anything else?

Yes, just two more things.

First, if you use Licensed Images in an editorial context (such as opinion pieces about newsworthy or public interest events), you must include a credit line such as:

[Photographers Name]/[Collection Name]/[Getty Images or iStock].

Second, you can’t use Licensed Images: (a) on a standalone basis with no other content; (b) in electronic templates for the creation of separate electronic or printed products; (c) in physical or digital retail products, such as e-cards, calendars, posters or screensavers, or otherwise provide them for sale or file-sharing; or (d) in logos, trademarks, service marks or other branding.

We hope you enjoy your Licensed Images!